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Writing in a creative way is talked about in schools. But no one teaches you HOW to do it. Method Writing teaches children and teens the craft of writing. It’s a simple, profound approach to the creative process, a way of discovering their deep, true voice. The class is conducted like a Little Red School House. In any given class there will be students at different stages in the process. Every class begins with students reading aloud something they wrote during the week, followed by feedback and an explanation of the exercise for the upcoming week.

Online Sessions:
Five(5) 30 minutes sessions: $250

Private Sessions On Location

Weekly Private Sessons  in Private Residence:  

$120 1 hour
$150 1 ½ hours

Workshop in Private Residence (5 weeks, 1 hour per session):
$225/student (5+ students)
$275/student (4 students)
$320/student (3 students)
$360/student (2 students)

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We offer online personal tutoring and / or group workshops, LIVE, every week.

Our teacher comes to your home for a private enrichment session based on your child’s academic needs and creative desires.

If you know other children in the area who wish to improve their writing and expression, we come to your home and offer private group workshops, created around your schedule.

Learning needs, Physical restrictions, Illness related. We are trained to work with children who have special needs. We feel that every child has the innate ability to express their thoughts and feelings in clear, exciting prose and poetry.

EMAIL: craig@wordupkids.com
PHONE: (310) 456-4770
MAIL: 169 N. Clark Drive Suite D, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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