Method Writing - Online
(Oct. 10th @ 5pm PST)

If your son or daughter LOVES writing and wishes to take their work to the next level,

or if they struggle with it and need help organizing their thoughts and expressing themselves with confidence, PLEASE sign them up for my foundational course being offered this Summer.

The foundational course contains eight modules for expanding your child’s writing and beyond. Your child will learn a creative writing craft that will inform any style they enjoy: journalism, nonfiction, screenwriting, fiction, journal writing, poetry, songwriting and personal essay writing.

Every Sunday you will receive a recorded lecture containing the week’s learning and exercises. Your child will spend anywhere from 10-20 minutes a day keeping a creative journal and practicing that week’s exercise.

Every Thursday I will go LIVE on a private Facebook group and conduct a Q&A with students. They can ask questions, receive feedback, listen to and interact with other students from all over the world.

Designed primarily for middle and high school students, variations are included for younger children who are advanced and have an increased desire to burnish their writing skills.

Online Sessions:
Eighty(8) 45 minutes sessions: $199
Classes will be held online using Zoom.us Video Conferencing

Private Sessions On Location

Weekly Private Sessons  in Private Residence:  

$120 1 hour
$150 1 ½ hours

Workshop in Private Residence (5 weeks, 1 hour per session):
$225/student (5+ students)
$275/student (4 students)
$320/student (3 students)
$360/student (2 students)


We offer online personal tutoring and / or group workshops, LIVE, every week.

Our teacher comes to your home for a private enrichment session based on your child’s academic needs and creative desires.

If you know other children in the area who wish to improve their writing and expression, we come to your home and offer private group workshops, created around your schedule.

Learning needs, Physical restrictions, Illness related. We are trained to work with children who have special needs. We feel that every child has the innate ability to express their thoughts and feelings in clear, exciting prose and poetry.

EMAIL: craig@wordupkids.com
PHONE: (310) 456-4770
MAIL: 169 N. Clark Drive Suite D, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Questions? Lets Talk.

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