WordUpKids is about students finding a voice of their own.



All children have something to say. When they’re heard and acknowledged, their self-esteem grows. When they’re encouraged to freely write down their thoughts and feelings their ability to express themselves grows.  It’s as simple as that.


WORD UP KIDS classes offer proven, fun, creative processes that teach kids naturally to get in touch with the thoughts and feelings already inside themselves.

In a typical Word Up Kids class, students are given non-threatening fun challenges and the tools to take them on.  With every hurdle they clear, every challenge they successfully overcome, their enjoyment and ability to express themselves in writing grows. Their confidence grows even more.


In the face of so many creative school programs for children being dropped for the sake of economy – at the expense of our children – the need for creative programs for kids is greater than ever before.

We  believe that a child’s confidence in his or her ability to write, along with the tools learned in every Word Up Kids class, are essential to future educational, social and personal success.


We have found that by learning to share a creative, personal part of themselves, kids grow in their capacity to empathize with, and validate, each other. Does this sound like we’re giving our kids tools to build better lives and a better world?  We believe it does.

How the Course is Structured

  • Weekly Classes – Each week, students work on their expressive writing skills through the following:
    • Captivating pre-recorded videos that kick off the week’s lesson.
    • Writing assignments and exercises focusing on building the creative process and reducing writer’s block.
    • Live online courses with Craig and other students in which the week’s projects are shared and discussed.
  • Creative Journal – Students will be asked to keep a journal of creative writing entries, both to use as a reference point in beginning writing assignments and to encourage the validity of their voice.
  • Published Group “Chat Book” – At the end of the course, each student will become a published writer! Craig and the kids will put together a collection of their writings to be formally published, validating each kid’s hard work and effort in a tangible fashion.
  • Private Tutoring – For any kid who may need or want a little extra guidance in finding their voice, Craig is available for private tutoring sessions.


Our motto is, If you can talk, you can write.

Our method is learner-centered. We do not give the children writing prompts, but rather, we teach the children a creative process to discover their own prompts. To borrow a cliché, we don’t feed the children fish, we teach them to fish.


Word Up Kids is based on the pedagogy of the Los Angeles poet/educator Jack Grapes. Grapes created Method Writing: The Craft of the Invisible Form, an organic approach to the creative process. It has been adapted and modified as a way for children to find their deep, authentic voice. The method does not deal with traditional approaches to writing that emphasize brainstorming. Rather, it focuses on truth and organic process. It deals with the inner voice and how it can be used to create unique works of art, true to each student’s own voice and style, true to their own vision and point of view, true to their own life experience—whether writing poems, stories, plays, non-fiction, etc.

Mastering this creative process has a major impact on a young student’s writing. Finding the deep voice within, learning to use its tonal dynamics, and the ability to write from the right side of the brain are the most significant skills any student can possess as a writer. Although this all sounds a bit advanced for a grade school child, the proof is in the pudding. Children find their true voice, and learn a technique that allows them to reach their reader with a compelling voice


Parents & Teachers Love Us
“My daughter did not speak a work of English, when 3 years ago we moved from Italy to live in Los Angeles. I was amazed at seeing all the progress made possible for her thanks to Word Up Kids. Your program has supported her confidence with the English language. Writing can be fun, when you learn ways to express yourself and your feelings, and I am seeing her achieving that now in both languages, English and Italian. That makes me very happy. She always finds time to sit down and write, and she loves it! And she is only 8, what a great start!” Paola De Faveri


“Word Up Kids classes show students how to get their ideas and thoughts down on paper in a structured and organized way. The students can’t wait for their weekly session and they have learned so much about the process of writing.” Dina Sokoloff

4th Grade Teacher

“Thank you for all of the wonderful work that you have done with my daughter. I never thought learning online could be so powerful. Your tips & guidance is truly priceless.” Angela Lee


“My son Michael has just come to the US 6 months ago. His English fluency, especially writing proficiency, was lacking. I am thankful to you for helping Michael to have an enjoyable experience in writing. You should be proud for keeping up such a wonderful culture in the community!” 정인희,



Method Writing - Online
(Oct. 10th @ 5pm PST)

If your son or daughter LOVES writing and wishes to take their work to the next level,

or if they struggle with it and need help organizing their thoughts and expressing themselves with confidence, PLEASE sign them up for my foundational course being offered this Summer.

The foundational course contains eight modules for expanding your child’s writing and beyond. Your child will learn a creative writing craft that will inform any style they enjoy: journalism, nonfiction, screenwriting, fiction, journal writing, poetry, songwriting and personal essay writing.

Every Sunday you will receive a recorded lecture containing the week’s learning and exercises. Your child will spend anywhere from 10-20 minutes a day keeping a creative journal and practicing that week’s exercise.

Every Thursday I will go LIVE on a private Facebook group and conduct a Q&A with students. They can ask questions, receive feedback, listen to and interact with other students from all over the world.

Designed primarily for middle and high school students, variations are included for younger children who are advanced and have an increased desire to burnish their writing skills.

Online Sessions:
Eighty(8) 45 minutes sessions: $199
Classes will be held online using Zoom.us Video Conferencing

Private Sessions On Location

Weekly Private Sessons  in Private Residence:  

$120 1 hour
$150 1 ½ hours

Workshop in Private Residence (5 weeks, 1 hour per session):
$225/student (5+ students)
$275/student (4 students)
$320/student (3 students)
$360/student (2 students)

EMAIL: craig@wordupkids.com
PHONE: (310) 456-4770
MAIL: 169 N. Clark Drive Suite D, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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