Spencer, Student at Journey Malibu

Craig does an amazing job at teaching anyone that they can write, even if they never have before. His classes are expertly structured and informative even to the experienced writer. Through his instruction he pushes the boundaries of his students to dig deep and create their own works of art. He is patient during the learning process, offering examples of each exercise from people that have taken his class previously. His encouragement has given birth to emotional growth for myself and every student he mentors, allowing us to feel safe sharing our deepest darkest stories amongst our peers. He has a true tact in offering constructive feedback and is always supportive of every piece written. His dedication to teaching even the most troubled and distraught that they too have a voice when writing is as therapeutic as any cognitive behavioral session. He enjoys his job and his encouragement and professionalism makes him a fantastic teacher. I can’t thank him enough for all his support and the lessons I have learned in every class.


Walker Watson, 7th Grade, Manhattan Beach
-Online Student

When I was told that I should take a writing class over the summer by my dad, I responded the same way that I think any other 12 year old boy would: without an indescribable level of enthusiasm. But, in all fairness, that was before I understood the level of knowledge that would be shared with me by Mr. Craig Bergman. I have a love for writing, and plan to do it for the rest of my life, but I never knew how much I could do with my prior knowledge before I met Mr. Bergman. From new techniques to incorporating new ideas into my writing, I have progressed so much more than I even could in a whole school year, in just one month. Even though I have only known him for a very small amount of time, Mr. Craig Bergman is by far the greatest writing teacher I have had, and I honestly hope that he can share the same experience with you, that I am already lucky enough to have obtained. 


Scott Schafer, Father of 2nd grade girl who participated in Barnes and Nobles Reading

Thank you so much for organizing and inviting us to the children’s reading last Saturday.  This was my first time to a reading done by children and it was an eye opening  experience for me. I felt much more connected and absorbed than I normally find myself while at children’s performances such as plays.  While plays are fun, I found the readings by the kids presented such a unique and true voice to their personal experiences that I felt I got to know them a bit.   I felt I was able to really think about and HEAR what the kids where saying.  That was the cool thing for me, I felt connected to the kids and their imaginations and experiences. It was really a  unique and fun event.


Phong Dao, Spiritual Director of an Intensive Inpatient/Outpatient program

I have been impressed by Craig’s impact within our community. It is common for our clients to request him specifically for group sessions. Many of Craig’s themes have ignited deeper process in our clients’ therapy.

Craig allows clients a safe environment to explore and share their “story” through reflection and writing. He is able to captivate and inspire our clients. 


정인희, Mother

“My son Michael has just come to the US 6 months ago. His English fluency, especially writing proficiency, was lacking. I am thankful to you for helping Michael to have an enjoyable experience in writing. You should be proud for keeping up such a wonderful culture in the community!”


Angela Lee, Mother

“Thank you for all of the wonderful work that you have done with my daughter. I never thought learning online could be so powerful. Your tips & guidance is truly priceless.”


Natasha Rahban, Mother

“My daughter’s writing has flourished during these sessions. Once in a while a great teacher walks into your kid’s life – this is one of those times.”


Dina Sokoloff, 4th Grade Teacher

“Word Up Kids classes show students how to get their ideas and thoughts down on paper in a structured and organized way. The students can’t wait for their weekly session and they have learned so much about the process of writing.”


Paola De Faveri

“My daughter did not speak a work of English, when 3 years ago we moved from Italy to live in Los Angeles. I was amazed at seeing all the progress made possible for her thanks to Word Up Kids. Your program has supported her confidence with the English language. Writing can be fun, when you learn ways to express yourself and your feelings, and I am seeing her achieving that now in both languages, English and Italian. That makes me very happy. She always finds time to sit down and write, and she loves it! And she is only 8, what a great start!”


Diana Shampaky, Teacher

“Even the students, who, at first, did not enjoy writing, now love to write. The huge improvement in the students writing is a tribute to Craig’s talent.”


Lilac Lebovic, Parent and Teacher

“The other day my daughter sat down and wrote her first official story. It was all about friendship. She did it because she wanted to. When she was done, she wrote a dedication and then gave it to her best friend. She has now begun a collection of short stories. The pride that she took in writing her first book made me so proud. Thank you Word Up Kids for instilling in my second grader the belief that she can do anything she sets her mind towards.”

EMAIL: craig@wordupkids.com
PHONE: (310) 456-4770
MAIL: 169 N. Clark Drive Suite D, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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