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The Cliff: Teen Depression

The chance of a teenager having a major depressive episode over the course of a year has risen dramatically in recent years. The trend toward depression is even steeper for girls. Over the last year and a half I've been bringing my creative writing classes for...

What a Pleasure

Pleasure is our birthright. At our core, we're innately designed to move toward pleasure - and away from pain. Pain makes us contract and shut down. Pleasure invites us to open up, reach out, and tune into our senses. This week I've been dipping into an old textbook...


Communication is not the first objective of writing. The first goal of writing is to understand. Writing is a tool to think with. We put words on paper to pursue and capture our thoughts. Personally, before I learned Jack Grapes' Method Writing, I struggled with...

LOVE Generator

I think you'll love this story. Last month I finished teaching an 8 week homeschool writing group for gifted kids ages 7-9. Every week the kids dictated a story to their parents, and the parents wrote it down, WORD FOR WORD. During class, the kids read their stories,...


What does it mean to persevere?  I think you'll find the essence in this beautiful poem I've transcribed below. In addition to teaching creative writing classes for children, we also teach writing classes for adults. This was written in Hebrew, in a class last week....

Healing Power of Expressing Emotions

Translating thoughts into language is psychologically and spiritually healing. A 2013 study shows that writing about major upheavals helps children and adults organize and understand them. Writing about thoughts and feelings connected to pain forces us to bring...

Enter a Child’s World

WATCH VIDEO HERE Have you ever had a conversation where you felt like the person was truly hearing you? It's called attunement. Attunement is the interaction between two people that shows a deep sense of connected ness and understanding. It is a subtle dance of...


Meet Craig

“Art of Writing” improves kids’ writing skills. But it’s not just about becoming a better “writer.” It’s about students finding a voice of their own, maybe even a voice that speaks for many others. This curriculum teaches kids simple skills for expressing themselves with clarity and conviction. Learn the craft of creative writing. Now is the perfect time to start.

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