Word Up Kids is back at Book Soup again this month with our Sunday Story Salon. This legendary independent bookseller on the Sunset Strip will host our celebration of young writers, alongside published writers and musicians.

For parents interested in learning why creative writing classes for children in Los Angeles is so key for their growing minds and emotions, you may want to come check out this event, jam-packed with artistic output.

Sunday January 27th, 3-4 pm. No cost.

About Last Month’s Performers:

Jerry “Ivor” Moore – 60’s Freedom Rider and Folk Music Legend

Brendan Constantine – Poet & Genius

Bob Wheeler – Comedian Headliner from The Comedy Store

Brian Wood – Performance Artist with Heart for Days

Young Authors from Horace Mann and Wonderland Avenue School


Writing plays a critical role in helping children develop the communication skills so important for success in school … and in life.

Word Up Kids, created by a graduate from Cornell University’s School of Human Ecology, offers writing classes that share simple skills that solve the mystery of clear, creative and engaging writing – in all forms.

Learn more about this innovative curriculum. New classes and private sessions starting every month. Email craig@wordupkids.la to schedule an assessment interview.


One of the greatest challenges in school systems is getting kids to write creatively–without fear of being wrong. Word Up Kids challenges kids to get creative and stop being afraid – and to write with confidence.

We offer creative writing classes for kids of all ages (k-12), teaching simple techniques designed to inspire young storytellers. Children learn how to express themselves and tell engaging stories, while picking up good writing habits for a lifetime.

Fun movement exercises are sprinkled throughout to warm-up the body for whole brain-learning. And it gets them reading, too!

One of the greatest challenges in school systems is inspiring students to write creatively–without fear of being wrong.

The techniques are based on a theory of writing created by LA Poet Jack Grapes, called Tonal Dynamics. Don’t let the fancy word fool you, it’s an incredible, simple method that will equip your child with skills to use in everything he or she writes, from essays, book reports, exams to poetry, plays, fiction and songwriting.

Physical and emotional exercises from the Radical Aliveness Institute are also used before and during the writing to help children move across the neurological divide into the unchartered territory of their left brain, where the imagination lives.

The class focuses on the basics of creative writing: using critical thinking and language as tools for self-expression and discovery. The emphasis is on exploration of the creative process rather than the product.

The curriculum enriches California state standards for writing and language arts. Individual session usually last fifty minutes to one hour.

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