I am capable I am lovable  pos self talk for kids may 29 2015Some words when repeated in our mind (& aloud) give us the strength to swing for the fences.

Teaching children to use bold words supports their “Yes” voice.

Douglas Bloch (author of Words That Healcalls this “Positive Self-Talk.” Every child (and adult) participates in a silent, internal conversation called self-talk. It consists of two inner voices engaging in a non-stop dialogue.

The first voice is the “Yes” voice. Mystics call it the soul. It’s the part of the child’s psyche that speaks supportive sentences. It’s how children inspire themselves.

The second, opposing voice is the “No” voice. Its job is to stir up fear and make stuff up. The voice of doubt. Worry. Anxiety. Limitation. Shame. Self-hate.

A child’s self-talk is a self-fulfilling prophesy. What she thinks of herself is what she will become. If she hears and sees words (and mental pictures) that say “Yes,” she will be successful. If the “No” voice steers the boat into the dark waters of “What’s the point, I can’t do it,” she will act accordingly.

This is the despair many children feel.

Affirmations are a sweet tool for supporting a child’s “Yes” voice. They’re positive thoughts or images or ideas that your child can repeat to produce a result. Results can be specific (scoring high on a test, performing well in sports or creative performances, healing from sickness) or intangible (a more confident state of mind, increased self-acceptance.)

You can help your child create an affirmation for any need, goal or challenge in her life. Two of my favorites are:

I am capable
I am lovable

When my son was born, I found myself receiving lots of “Golden Rule” type tips from other parents. One of the simplest and smartest was from the older gentleman who owns the Santa Monica Homeopathic Pharmacy.

“If your son grows up knowing he is lovable & capable, he will be a happy person.”

Here are 7 More Great Affirmations for Children: 
I like myself

I am smart

I like the way I look

I make friends easily

I am a good student

I do especially well in _____

It’s ok for me to make mistakes

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