I am in the 2nd grade

   in Korea.

I am playing with my friend

   in the playground.

There are some trees around us,
some apartments too.
There are no structures
to play with.
Just a large pile of sand.
I have a small red bag.
My friend has a blue backpack.
We are so bored,
   Because there is nothing to play with.
We start to dig the sand with our hands.
My friend is thinking of
digging a big hole.
But I don’t want to do that.
We both get an idea.
Dig a Big, Deep hole
Somebody will fall
 into that hole.
We start to dig.
I’m wearing a red t-shirt,
white pants.
My friend wears a black shirt,
My white pants become dirty.
  Because of the dirt.We hope somebody will
   fall into our hole,
But nobody does.-Deborah, 4th grade, using Don’t Think, See exercise, describing the pictures she saw in her imagination.

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