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Children need to know it’s OK to be mad at us.

It’s vital they know it’s safe to express anger. Anger is a healthy emotion. Like saying “No,” it’s a child’s way of defining and protecting their boundaries.

Kids’ tantrums test our patience – and even awaken our own inner wild monsters. However, they still need to know they can be angry and we’ll be there for them.

Our kids need to know we can resolve our conflicts. We can fight and make up. The adults I know who didn’t learn how to resolve conflicts as children still struggle with it.

Here are some excellent affirmations for validating your kid’s right to be angry, cooling yourself down in the heat of battle, and giving your own inner child permission to feel all the way.

Validate your kids. Otherwise, they may feel emotionally abandoned when expressing their anger.

It’s OK to be angry

You can be angry and I will still be here for you

It’s OK to feel..everything

I’m here to help you deal with these feelings

I can cope with my child’s frustration

I can live through this

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