Writing opens a window into your soul, without judgment.

I hope you’re having an awesome Fall. For parents who’ve been asking about creative writing classes for their children, I’m starting a new 6-week “Art of Writing” course on Thursday November 5th, 4-5pm. It will be held outside at Bouchon Gardens in Beverly Hills. This relaxed, beautiful environment shows kids that writing can be fun.

For more info, please email me:  craig@wordupkids.com.

Of all the wonderful things kids bring to this world – curiosity, love, laughter – their voices are the most important. I created this class to give kids & teens the power and tools to speak to us in their own original, idiosyncratic voices. I find that it prepares them to communicate for themselves and helps them move into the world of greater learning.

If you want your children to pick up a pen and get the creative ideas flowing, please email me today.

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