I think you’ll love this story.

Last month I finished teaching an 8 week homeschool writing group for gifted kids ages 7-9. Every week the kids dictated a story to their parents, and the parents wrote it down, WORD FOR WORD.

During class, the kids read their stories, acted them out, and gave one another feedback.

This one boy wrote a story that I have to share with you. He is 8 years old – and clearly gifted. A little backstory. His mother had given birth a few weeks prior to this story being written. The baby was pre-mature and had to spend a few weeks in the hospital.

Enjoy. It’s worth reading until the end. And yes, he’s 8. Every word and idea came out of his mouth.

“How do we express love from far away? When the person may not be able to see you, or even understand the words you are speaking?

In Los Angeles, there was a boy named Edward who had a newborn baby brother, Thomas. Edward’s parent’s just finished working with an architect to build another room for their new son, since they were out of sleeping space.

Thomas was unable to come home after his Mom gave birth to him since he was premature. Edward was not able to visit the hospital because he was sick and down with a cold and contagious.

After his parents put Edward to bed, he stayed awake all night thinking about his baby brother, who he thought needed a lot more love in his life to get better.

Edward was convinced love would heal Thomas like a “magic potion”, and believed that his brother desperately needed more of it.

In the morning, Edward asked his father about Thomas needing more love to improve. His father said “he will be fine, but I’m sure more love would be great for him”.

After this conversation, Edward asked his Mom to consult with the doctor to confirm if Thomas would get home sooner if he had more love.

The doctor said “yes! of course… of course…”.

So Edward went into his room and read all of his science and computer books, accepting only meals for many days. One of these books was written by a famous professor of science at a nearby university, who was a mad inventor who made crazy, off track unneeded new machines.

One of those machines was a multiplier, a large green electronic box with a series of buttons. Edward wondered whether this machine could be modified to a love generator.

Edward wanted to ask his parents if he could contact this professor, but they were both at the hospital visiting Thomas.

So Edward, desperate to help his brother, packed up his own backpack with clothes, food and water and convinced his grandmother to drive him to see the professor.

After waiting several hours at the professor’s office to see him, and then describing the situation with Thomas, the professor finally agreed to help Edward build this Love Generator.

Over the next week, Edward’s grandmother drove him to work with the professor every day, driving many miles to and modifying the multiplier to be able to generate and transmit Edward’s love to Thomas.

Now complete, Edward and the scientist set of to try the Love Generator. Fueled by Edward’s love energy, the generator also worked as a multiplier, creating twice and sometimes three times the amount of love that was put into the generator.

The love coming out of the generator was in the form of a purple mist that smelled like a campfire, and seemed to always move in the direction of the hospital Thomas was staying in.

Over the coming days, Thomas began getting healthier and healthier, until he was able to finally go home to be with his family.”

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