Big Picture

By Abby Gail, 7th Grade

I walk out the door
for the first time.

I have never been out the door.
I see this bright ball of yellow.
It warms my heart,
stings my eyes.

“Walk closer,” I think.
I do.
The bright ball of yellow is getting bigger.

I see steps and I walk up step by step
There is a sign.

“Find the truth, the goodness.”
The bright ball of yellow is right in front of me.
It’s huge.

I see a wheel with words.
I turn to the word LIFE.
The bright ball of yellow is
right in front of me.
I reach my hand inside.

Without thinking, I jump in.
I look around.
I see what I saw before,
but on the opposite side.
I have this warm feeling of truth.

I keep walking and
see a door labeled,
WHY, with the number 7 next to it.
Should I open the door?
I am too curious.

I grab the knob,
turn it,
the door opens.

I see my life.
I see myself.
This was when I first moved to LA.
I see my mom and myself sitting on the couch.

We are talking.
I am crying.
We are wondering if we should have moved back.

I have no friends
I am telling my mom
Nobody likes me.
You said it would be
different this time.

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