Communication is not the first objective of writing.
The first goal of writing is to understand.

Writing is a tool to think with. We put words on paper to pursue and capture our thoughts. Personally, before I learned Jack Grapes’ Method Writing, I struggled with expressing my log-jammed thoughts in writing.

Jack’s technique gave me a priceless mental skill for spanning the painful gap between first thoughts and their final expression on paper.

The writing technique I now teach kids and adults allows them to write freely from personal experience. For people who have trouble writing, whether a paper for a class or a report for work, they find it easier to jumpstart their brain.

Lately I’ve been reading that schools using a process-oriented writing program for young elementary school children, where kids are given time to write freely about their personal experiences, are seeing their students learn to read faster, and perform better on a variety of verbal tests.

There are also more studies showing that there are psycho-social benefits too. Unfortunately, writing in schools is still a hotly debated topic, and many institutions are still operating in the dark ages.

This is one of the reasons I especially love teaching creative writing to children. Writing well is not only a key to academic success, it can be an invaluable skill in learning about – and coping with – the world.

Under the right circumstances, it promotes mental and physical health, and can improve the quality of life for many children.

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