I do, too.

The instinct that inspired me to start Word Up Kids is no doubt what motivates you as a parent…a desire to give our kids what we didn’t have growing up.

Growing up isn’t easy. Children face intense challenges at every stage. For me, the greatest difficulty was expression.

The purpose of my writing classes is to provide kids emotional & intellectual support by teaching them to apply the creative power of writing, drawing and verbal expression in their lives.

This Summer I am teaching classes at LACMA: “Art of Writing” and “Positive Self Talk.” There are a few spots left. Click HERE for more information (tell me your name, email, and child’s age.)

The techniques we’ll be using in these classes have a therapeutic and transformational effect on the children.

Over the last decade I’ve lead and participated in many “inner child” workshops where I’ve seen the grief, low self-esteem and shame adults still hold from their childhoods. We can’t turn back time and rewrite our history, but we can use the power of the written & spoken word to provide a better life for our children.

Let’s start now.

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